Change The Age SURVEY

When are you considered

an adult?

Currently across the country there are many different ages from 13 to 21 years old that people think they are an adult. Our teens can now travel across state lines going to college or going on vacation and they don't know the laws in that area and can get in trouble for ignorance of the law. Most kids turn18 in their senior year of high school and are naive and are taken advantage of by the pornography industry, the tobacco industry and the gambling industry. We have come a long way from the agrarian society and we have evolved into an intellectual society. Our laws need to evolve and there should be one legal age for all of the following laws, rules and regulations. Most people say that the age of 18 years old is too young and 21 years old is too old. So that leaves 19 and 20 years old, what do you think? 

Please watch the video below, it explains how the brain develops and why teens may look mature however, the Grey Matter or Prefrontal Cortex of their brain has not fully developed.   Brain Surgeons and Scientist say that a persons brain doesn't fully develop until they reach the age of 20 years old or older and they call it "Neuromaturation".  Doctors say the body continues to grow until the age of 20 and now our laws need to intersect science and common sense.  After watching the video please take our survey about makes a person an adult.